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Epoxy Flooring Used in Chemical & Laboratory

When your laboratory must meet strict environmental requirements, Kunhong will provide professional epoxy flooring for laboratory that aligns with your standards. Whether you work in a chemical processing facility, research and design laboratory, high school chemistry lab, or industrial compound manufacturing plant, we can design custom epoxy flooring solutions for your chemical lab. Our laboratory flooring solutions offer slip resistance, heat resistance, chemical resistance, and a glossy finish that reflects your sterile working environment.

See What Industrial Flooring Can Do for Your Laboratory

Industrial flooring can significantly impact the functionality, safety, and efficiency of a laboratory setting. Laboratories often require specialized flooring solutions to meet the unique demands of their work environment. 

  • Chemical resistance extends the functional life of floors, walls and linings thereby saving time and money in replacing damaged materials.

  • Industrial flooring and walls can help mitigate the impact of unsightly chemical stains.  Seamless, chemical-resistant floor and wall systems also offer ease of maintenance and cleaning.

  • Appropriately selected industrial flooring ensure environmental and safety compliance within tank and containment areas. 

Factors to Consider When Choosing Industrial Flooring for a Laboratory

  • Corrosion resistance: If your laboratory uses corrosive chemicals, the floor must be corrosion-resistant to prevent damage from chemical spills.

  • Moisture resistance: If you work in a damp environment, the floor should have good moisture resistance to prevent water penetration and damage.

  • Impact resistance: If you handle heavy equipment or engage in activities with impacts, selecting a floor with impact resistance can increase durability and safety.

  • Emergency shower requirements: If your laboratory requires emergency shower facilities, the floor material and design should allow for effective drainage to prevent water pooling and slipping.

Industrial Flooring for Chemical & Laboratory


Epoxy floors are rich in resin formulations that can be installed on many types of floors such as VCT and ceramic tile. This means less installation time, resources and budget, which is a plus for any laboratory or facility.


Kunhong flooring meets and exceeds the hygienic requirements of laboratories and clean rooms. The surface is durable, attractive and easy to clean, with strong chemical resistance to sanitizers and disinfectants. Your epoxy floor can even be troweled over floors and walls to create a concave base, removing unwanted material and any crevices where particles may hide.


Kunhong epoxy floors have a completely seamless surface that prevents cracks and crevices, leaving room for dirt and bacteria to hide. This means your floors will always be clean, bright and hygienic and require less cleaning time.

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