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Laminated Flooring Used in Hospitals

Hospitals, medical centers, and other healthcare facilities have specific flooring requirements. One of the major concerns is infection control. Commercial epoxy resin flooring used in healthcare spaces supports hygiene and infection control plans by eliminating spaces and seams where bacteria can hide and grow. Besides being easy to clean and maintain, epoxy hospital flooring should be highly durable, stain-resistant, and slip-resistant. Epoxy resin flooring also aids patient recovery by providing noise reduction, underfoot comfort, and a wide range of design and color options. Whether it's corridors, waiting areas, or trauma centers, epoxy resin flooring formulations meet your needs.

Characteristics of Laminated Flooring for Healthcare Facilities

Slip-Resistant and Wear-Resistant

Epoxy resin flooring features a rough, pebbled, or ribbed surface with marble chips that are non-abrasive, ensuring safety for your staff and patients. No additional grit is needed as the floor's natural stone texture provides slip-resistant properties.

Easy to Clean

Maintaining hospital epoxy flooring is simple with just cleaning agents and water. The non-porous surface makes it easy to remove dirt and grime, saving you time, money, and resources from day one.


Unlike many epoxy paints and quartz broadcast floors, our focus at Kunhong is on creating strong, resilient yet flexible epoxy hospital flooring. Your floor will not crack or peel like traditional flooring, withstanding heavy foot traffic today and in the future.

Attractive and Comfortable

Healthcare facilities seek the perfect combination of comfort and style for patients and their families, starting from the foundation - literally.

Since our epoxy floorings in hospitals are installed seamlessly, there are no cracks or crevices for dirt and bacteria to hide, keeping your floor clean, bright, and hygienic while reducing cleaning time. These durable floors come in a variety of bright and captivating colors to create a warm atmosphere that feels like home. Our experienced certified installers can even create designs and logos that seamlessly match your facility.

Common Installation Areas:

- Rehabilitation Facilities

- Cafeterias and Kitchens

- Corridors

- Dining Areas

- Emergency Rooms

- Operating Rooms

- Pre-Operative Rooms

- Dental Offices

- Doctor's Offices

- Post-Operative Recovery Spaces

- Intensive Care Units / Neonatal Intensive Care Units / PACU (Post-Anesthesia Care Unit)

- Laundry Rooms

- Lobbies

- Nurse Stations

- Patient Rooms

- Clinical Areas

Priorities for Hospital Flooring Renovation


Having seamless flooring in healthcare facilities makes it easier to maintain strict cleaning procedures, meet regulatory requirements, and ensure smooth operations, as it prevents bacterial growth in tiny gaps and offers time-saving and easy-to-clean features in the busy and fast-paced environment of hospitals.


Specially formulated stain-resistant flooring is crucial for the healthcare industry as it withstands discoloration caused by certain substances, ensuring the integrity and appearance of patient rooms, operating rooms, corridors, and laboratories, which, in turn, affects patients' recovery period.


In a bustling hospital environment, a high-traffic, durable flooring serves as the foundation, crucially supporting areas from operating rooms to waiting rooms, withstanding continuous wear and tear from heavy foot traffic and equipment, making it essential to install flooring that combines high strength, durability, and resilience to meet these demands.


Research shows that noise can lead to patients developing high blood pressure and other ailments. To ensure proper patient recovery, owners should invest in acoustic flooring; its excellent sound-absorbing properties make guests feel at ease while reducing disturbances to staff.

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