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Epoxy Flooring Used in Aerospace Industry

Aerospace facilities require flooring capable of withstanding heavy machinery, traffic, and chemical spills. Seamless epoxy flooring provides the durability needed for such environments. With the right formulation, it can also offer conductivity for electrostatic discharge protection in areas like aircraft, parts, missile and rocket design spaces, assembly, laboratories, and maintenance areas.

The Demands of Aerospace Industry Flooring

The aerospace industry operates in a dynamic and challenging environment, where the demands on flooring materials are far from ordinary. From manufacturing and assembly to maintenance and testing, the flooring must withstand constant foot traffic, heavy equipment, and potential exposure to hazardous chemicals and fluids. In addition to these mechanical challenges, aerospace facilities must adhere to strict safety and cleanliness standards to prevent FOD and ensure the flawless operation of sensitive equipment.

The Performance You Require of Flooring for Aerospace Industry

  • Impact Resistant

  • Available in ESD/ Conductive Formulations

  • Chemical Resistant

  • Easy to Clean

Benefits of Abrasion Resistant Industrial Floor


Long-lasting Performance: The aerospace industry often deals with heavy equipment, tools, and machinery that can cause wear and tear on traditional flooring materials. Abrasion-resistant industrial floors can withstand the constant movement of equipment, foot traffic, and other stresses, ensuring a longer lifespan and reducing the need for frequent repairs or replacements.


Chemical and Fluid Resistance: Aerospace facilities often work with various chemicals, fuels, and fluids that can spill or leak on the floor. Abrasion-resistant floors are designed to resist damage from these substances, providing a protective barrier that prevents corrosion and maintains the integrity of the floor surface.


Safety and Cleanliness: Aerospace environments require strict adherence to safety standards and cleanliness. Abrasion-resistant floors offer a smooth, level surface that minimizes tripping hazards and facilitates easy cleaning. The resistance to abrasion also means that the floor will maintain its appearance, reducing the risk of foreign object debris (FOD) that could potentially harm sensitive aerospace equipment.

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