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Epoxy Flooring Used in Light & Pharmaceutical Industry

The pharmaceutical industry, including processing, packaging, cleanrooms, laboratories, and animal husbandry facilities, requires high-performance epoxy resin flooring. Industrial epoxy flooring offers chemical resistance, impact resistance, and wear resistance, while meeting stringent design standards.

Light & Pharmaceutical Solutions

Kunhong provides a diverse selection of cutting-edge and flexible solutions, catering to the distinct demands and high-performance standards of the pharmaceutical sector. Our offerings are custom-designed to suit the challenging operational conditions prevalent throughout pharmaceutical facilities. Notably, we possess the expertise to develop our formulations and manufacture the materials in-house. This exceptional ability to synthesize our systems empowers us to meticulously regulate and customize the properties of each product, ensuring they precisely align with our customers' individual requirements.

Performance Requirements for Flooring in the Light & Pharmaceutical Industry

1. Cleanliness and hygiene standards

2. Chemical resistance and durability

3. Anti-static or conductive properties

4. Slip resistance and safety

5. Ease of cleaning and maintenance

6. Resistance to thermal and moisture changes

Feature of Industrial Flooring Used in the Light & Pharmaceutical Industry


Slip-resistant flooring offers a surface with specialized properties that enhance traction and reduce slipperiness. It proves especially beneficial in high-traffic areas of pharmaceutical facilities, where staff require precise maneuvering even under wet conditions. The flooring comes in various finishes and textures, catering to both functional and aesthetic requirements of different spaces within the facility.


Stain-resistant floors and walls are specifically formulated to resist permanent discoloration caused by contact with liquids or materials. Maintaining pristine surfaces is essential in pharmaceutical environments to present a clean and professional appearance to customers, visitors, and staff.


In chemically intensive pharmaceutical settings, chemical-resistant flooring is essential. These floors are engineered to withstand prolonged exposure to harsh chemicals without compromising their functionality or appearance. With chemical-resistant properties, these floors ensure that crucial areas stay sanitary without concerns about surface longevity. Industrial-grade cleaning agents can be used confidently without fear of damage, guaranteeing a consistently safe and hygienic environment.

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