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Laminated Flooring Used in Shopping Malls

Laminated flooring used in shopping malls offers both design and functionality for grocery stores, convenience stores, large supermarkets, clothing stores, and other shopping centers. Our shopping mall flooring can withstand heavy foot traffic, spills, impacts, and frequent cleaning while providing a variety of colors, textures, and finishes. Laminated flooring are ideal for designating specific areas and separating them from each other, including aisles and exits. Our shopping centre flooring can be quickly installed to keep your operations running smoothly.

Kunhong Shopping Mall Flooring Solutions

Kunhong's seamless floorings used in shopping malls give shopping centres the clean, safe, long-lasting floors they need to keep business going 24/7.

- Sanitary & healthy – no joints or seams; keeps dirt & bacteria out

- Slip resistant – secure surface helps prevent slips & falls

- Easy to clean – quick & simple, no need for odorous or harmful cleaning products

- Impact & abrasion resistant – stands up to heavy traffic of people & carts

- Long lasting – no disruption of service due to repairs or loose tiles

- Custom designs, textures and custom logos available

Attractive & Long-Lasting Laminated Flooring Used In Shopping Malls

Laminated shopping mall flooring transforms your shopping malls into a haven of beauty and functionality. With no joints or crevices, it offers a sleek and clean appearance while ensuring easy maintenance. Say goodbye to dirt and grime buildup, as this seamless solution resists stains and wear, even under heavy foot traffic. Its slip-resistant properties enhance safety for customers and staff alike. From stylish designs to enhanced durability, seamless flooring elevates the shopping experience, making your shopping malls a seamless reflection of modern excellence.

Top 4 Factors for Shopping Mall Flooring


Wear Resistance: Due to the high foot traffic in shopping malls, wear-resistant flooring is essential to withstand the traffic of customers, employees, carts, and heavy machinery, ensuring the floor's longevity and durability.


Slip Resistance: Shopping malls require slip-resistant flooring to reduce slip and fall accidents and potential injuries, especially when items fall from shelves and leave wet surfaces on the floor.


Stain Resistance: Shopping malls are prone to stains from various materials, making stain-resistant flooring necessary to protect the floor from unsightly marks and discoloration caused by contact with liquids or stain-producing substances.


Design: Flooring design should combine functionality and aesthetics, creating an environment that can withstand busy traffic and spills while showcasing a welcoming atmosphere. Custom colors and design patterns can be used to create a unique look for the shopping mall.

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