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Antibacterial Industrial Flooring

Produced using patented antibacterial technology formula, it has excellent antibacterial performance and prevents bacterial growth. At the same time, it also has multiple excellent properties such as antibacterial, wear-resistant, environmental protection, frost resistance, pressure resistance, and pollution resistance. At the same time, it is non cracking, non embrittlement, wear-resistant, heavy-duty resistant, and easy to maintain in an ultra-low temperature -30℃ usage environment.

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Specifications of Antibacterial Industrial Roll Flooring:





thickness(1.4mm)× width(2m-3m) ×length(10m, 20m, 30m)

Colors can be customized according to the Lauer color card, with optional sizes

The supplied products have obtained EU CE certification and EU ROHS certification.

Characteristics of Antibacterial Industrial Flooring

★ Antibacterial and antibacterial properties

★ Anti dirt and anti fouling

★ Easy to clean

★ Ultra strong wear resistance

★ Corrosion resistance

★ Super strong anti pollution and anti permeability

★ Fireproof and flame retardant

★ Green, environmentally friendly and recyclable

★ Easy to maintain and repair

★ Long service life

★ Finished coil installation

Precautions For Construction Of Industrial Roll Flooring

1. The ground condition before laying industrial roll flooring is the most important. Due to the thickness of polymer roll industrial flooring ranging from 1.4 to 2.0mm, there is a high requirement for the floor foundation. The quality of the ground affects and determines the efficacy and appearance of polymer roll industrial flooring. If the ground flatness cannot meet the requirements, self leveling must be used (heavy-duty factories need to be treated separately).

2. Ensure that the construction of industrial roll flooring is the final process and does not involve cross construction.

3. The best matching base floor: Diamond wear-resistant floor (this should be included in the ground treatment plan before the project base is laid, with advantages of low cost, good strength, and high flatness), where polymer coiled material industrial flooring can be directly installed.

4. Construction temperature: The temperature of the laying site should be above 15 degrees.

5. Selection of laying materials for industrial floors: It is recommended to use industrial floor special adhesive or two-component adhesive for laying. If there are no forklifts or heavy loads in the use area, and only personnel are walking, ordinary elastic floor roll adhesive can be used for installation. Under no circumstances is it recommended to use pressure sensitive adhesive for installation.

6. The industrial floor adopts specialized polymer welding wire for seam welding treatment. If seamless splicing installation is used, two component adhesive should be selected for paving to prevent water infiltration at the joints, causing the adhesive to gradually lose its adhesion.

Scope of Application

★ Chemical plant

★ Pharmaceutical Factory

★ Laboratory

★ Research Institute

★ Operating room

★ R&D Center

★ Logistics cold chain warehousing

★ and other places with aseptic requirements

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