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Class A Calcium Silicate Board

Calcium silicate board is a kind of siliceous materials, calcium materials, fiber materials, additives, etc. according to a certain proportion, according to modern technology made of a new type of inorganic building materials, in addition to the function of traditional gypsum board, but also has superior fire performance and moisture resistance, long service life advantages. With fire insulation, waterproof and moisture-proof, heat insulation, excellent stability, long service life and other properties.

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fireproof wall panels
fireproof wall board
heat proof wall board
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Product Material

Siliceous material, calcareous material, other flame retardant material

Product Feature


Under high temperature conditions, the expansion and contraction of low-density plates will be much smaller than that of high-density plates, and can be used for various fireproof components, which can still maintain the integrity of the plates in the event of a fire, and will not burn or collapse.


The plate has a good "breathing humidity" function, in the humid and temperature drastic changes in the environment, can quickly achieve the balance of humidity and temperature with the surrounding environment, anti-deformation, anti-sinking.


The main raw materials of the plate Portland cement, quartz sand and so on are inorganic substances, with excellent moisture, moth, mildew and other characteristics, long service life.


The plate size is large, can be arbitrarily cut into a variety of sizes and shapes, the flatness of the board is good, easy to do surface decoration, practical, can also be perforated, as a sound absorption component used, can effectively absorb sound and reduce noise, create a quiet and comfortable indoor environment.


The plate can be fixed on the keel skeleton by self-tapping screws, the whole process of dry operation, convenient installation, conducive to reducing labor costs, shorten the construction period, but also conducive to reducing the generation of construction waste, maintain the clean environment of the construction site.

 Product Main Use

It is the field of wall, ceiling, floor, furniture, road sound insulation, sound absorption barrier, ship compartment and air duct and other industrial panels and sound absorption wall, sound absorption ceiling, poured wall, composite wall panel and so on.

Product Customize

The surface pattern can be customized. Conventional size 1200X2400mm, if customers need other sizes, the enterprise can cut on behalf of the special specifications can be scheduled processing.

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