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Class A Fire-Resistant Panel

Class A Fire-Resistant Panel

As the main panel material for curtain walls, it is developing towards lightweight, high-strength, energy-saving, fireproof, and environmentally friendly directions. At present, the selection of materials for building curtain wall panels and components has evolved from glass, stone, and metal panels to various artificial panels and high-performance composite materials, and the various performance requirements for materials have also been comprehensively improved.

Kunhong Class A Fire-Resistant Panel Production Technology

Kunhong Class A Fire-Resistant Panel Production Technology

1. The surface of the panel is made of metal material and coating, without radiation, and is green and environmentally friendly. The panel is hot-rolled with high strength and is not easily deformed. Multiple metal materials can be selected for the surface layer, such as aluminum panel, zinc titanium panel, copper panel, stainless steel panel, etc. The surface is rich in color, the panel is flat, and the size can be customized, achieving perfect decorative effects according to the curtain wall design.

2. The fire rating can meet the requirements of GB8624-2012 for the classification of combustion performance of building materials and products, with levels A2, S1, d0, and t0. The front and back materials of the core material are composite metal, which improves strength and seismic performance.

3. A-grade fire-resistant metal composite plates are easy to cut, punch, slot, bend, etc. They can be processed in factories and are more suitable for processing on construction sites. Convenient transportation, fast curtain wall construction, convenient installation, lightweight board, no need for large machinery and labor intensity, saving installation costs.

4. The plate thickness is 3mm, 4mm, 6mm, and can also be customized according to thickness requirements; The standard widths are 1220mm, 1550mm, 1570mm, 2000mm, and can also be customized according to requirements, with a maximum length of 10000mm.

Installation of A-Grade Fireproof Board/Metal Composite Board

Installation of A-Grade Fireproof Board/Metal Composite Board

Before installing A-grade fire-resistant metal composite plates, the first step is to check whether the grid size of the steel keel matches the plate processing drawings. The installation of the keel must be controlled within the allowable deviation range. On site processing of the board, high-precision slotting equipment is used for slotting and folding, and the corners of the folding are riveted. Rivets are used to fix the folding edges as required, and reinforced wooden boards are installed on the back of the board. After completion, install the plate on the keel frame with screws, fill the gap between the plates with foam rods, and then apply weather proofing glue.

Scientifically seal windows and window edges to ensure aesthetics. The entire window closing work should be sealed by external injection of glue at the connection between the board and the window, and the board should be slotted, folded, and sealed with glue. The closure of the end, the treatment of expansion joints, and the transfer of two different materials are not only related to the decorative effect, but also have a significant impact on the use function. Generally, two formed metal plates with similar materials are selected for appropriate treatment.

In summary, compared to traditional curtain wall materials, A-grade fire-resistant metal composite panels have very superior characteristics. The annual demand in the international market reaches tens of millions of square meters. With the unique fireproof performance and superior decorative effect of A-grade fire-resistant metal composite panels, we believe that they will become a new type of decorative material for functional buildings in the future!

Installation of A-Grade Fireproof Board/Metal Composite Board

Advantages of A2 Grade Fireproof Board,why Choose This Material for Building?

1) It has an extremely long service life.

2) High strength: fully meets the strength requirements for civil construction and on-site operation and handling. The flexibility and bending resistance of the product.

3) Light weight and low density: It can be completely used for new buildings without considering the additional load issues of walls and cladding.

4) Extremely low thermal conductivity at room and high temperatures: Excellent insulation performance is particularly suitable for places that need to save heating and air conditioning costs. Good high-temperature insulation performance ensures that the board and its system can cut off the spread of flames and high temperatures in the event of a fire.

5) High temperature resistance: can withstand 1200 degrees.

6) Extremely long fire resistance time: Reasonable fire protection system design ensures that the fire resistance time of the wall and cladding reaches 240000 minutes and 80 minutes respectively. Fully meeting the highest international requirements for fire resistance duration, with a firewall lasting for 4 hours and a fireproof coating lasting for 1 hour.

7) Excellent non flammability, low quality loss, and high temperature crack resistance, making it a professional fire protection product applied in firewalls, fire protection coatings, and other fields.

8) Completely non combustible materials: comply with international ISO-II82, GB B624-1997, and British BS 476 standards, and achieve the highest level of flammability testing, ensuring product safety.

9) All inorganic boards: fire resistant, mold resistant, and germ resistant, providing users with protection.

10) Good chemical resistance: Users do not need to worry about the place of use.

Advantages of A2 Grade Fireproof Board,why Choose This Material for Building?
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