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Class A Aluminum Composite Fireproof Board

Grade A fireproof metal composite board uses non-combustible inorganic material as the middle core material, both sides are rolled or coated metal plate as decorative protective layer, through a special process composite, is a kind of green and environmentally friendly fireproof building materials. The main components of the non-movement material are non-combustible inorganic materials such as silicon, aluminum and magnesium, which can be directly combined with the metal panel for a single composite molding, or can be produced separately for secondary composite molding with the metal panel. Both sides of the metal layer can be selected aluminum, copper, titanium zinc, stainless steel and other metal materials, the surface coating can be fluorocarbon, polyester, nano self-cleaning, laminating and other processes, a wider range of options, more decorative.

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Specifications Of Class A Aluminum Composite Fireproof Board

Panel thickness3,4,5,6(mm)
Panel width1000-2000(mm)
Panel length2000-8000(mm)
Metal skin thickness0.2-0.5(mm)
Special thickness/width/length can be customized

Product Performance Of Class A Aluminum Composite Fireproof Board

After testing and testing by the National Building Materials Test Center, the whole product meets the technical requirements of Class A non-combustible materials in GB/T 8624-2012 "Classification of Combustion Performance of Building Materials and Products". Passed the National Building Materials Testing Center JC/T2561-2020 "Non-combustible grade Metal composite Panel for Building Decoration" on the thickness of metal substrate, appearance, mechanical properties and other 25 full sets of tests, all in line with the standard requirements.

Application Range Of Class A Aluminum Composite Fireproof Board

Class A fire-resistant metal composite board with its super fireproof, light weight and high strength, sound insulation, extreme smooth, rich appearance, mold resistance and corrosion resistance, antibacterial self-cleaning, prefabricated installation and other characteristics, can be used as the interior wall, exterior wall, roof of the middle and high grade fire-resistant decorative materials. Office buildings, commercial buildings, schools, cultural and sports venues, hotels, hospitals, airports, high-speed railway stations and other architectural decoration, indoor and outdoor coverage.

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