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Conforming To Dense Underfloor

1. Anti slip: Dense plastic flooring usually has good anti slip performance, making it very suitable for places that require anti slip, such as hospitals, schools, etc.

2. Waterproofing: Due to the material characteristics of dense plastic flooring, it has good waterproof performance and can be used in humid environments. It can also be cleaned with a large water flow rate during cleaning.

3. Fire prevention: Dense plastic flooring is a non combustible flooring material that meets building fire protection standards and can have a certain fire prevention effect in fires.

4. Easy to clean: The surface of the dense plastic floor is smooth and flat, and it is not easy to breed bacteria. It is very convenient to use, and only needs to be cleaned with water or detergent.

5. Comfort: The dense plastic floor contains a certain amount of softener and elastic system, making its foot feel more comfortable and not feeling too hard or uncomfortable when walking.

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Specifications of Conforming To Dense Underfloor:




KLF series 、 ALB series

thickness(2.0mm)× width(2m) ×length(20mm)

Multiple decors and patterns available, with customizable sizes

Conforming To Dense Bottom Parameters

Test itemSlandard requestMeasured vajue
Hardness(Glenn Schorr·A)375A90A
Tearing strengtn≥20 KN/m>28 KN/m
Tensie strength≥8.2 KN/m10.20 KN/m
Abrasion performance≤250 mm220 mm
Heat size varability≤50.4%50.20%
Compressjon set≤0.2mm0.09mm
Resistance of cigarete clcinationNo burn marksNo burn marks
Fire resistanceB1B1
Resistance to chemical poilutionNo surface changeNo surface change
The light resistanceGray card label level 3Level 3
Bending performanceBend 180° without crackNo crack

Scope of Application

★ Schools, training centers, kindergartens, etc

★ Hospitals, laboratories, pharmaceutical factories, sanatoriums

★ Shopping malls, supermarkets, hotels, entertainment and leisure centers

★ Fitness centers, sports venues, activity centers, etc

★ Offices, meeting rooms, etc

★ Industrial factories, warehouses, workshops, etc

★ Home system: indoor, living room, bedroom, kitchen, balcony, study, etc

★ and other places where rubber flooring is used

Features Of Conforms To Compact Subfloor

  1. Products with good abrasicn resislance, dirt resistance, environmental protection.

  2. Fire llame relardancy, mute.

  3. Product has impact resistance, slip resistance, shock absorption effect.

  4. Products have not delormalion, not cracking become warped edge and low inflation index.

  5. Around the product is suitable for use in airport, metro, hespital, shopping malls, schols, and industry etc.

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