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Epoxy Flooring Paint

Epoxy Flooring Paint

Epoxy flooring coating is a type of surface coating that is used to protect and enhance the performance of floors in various industrial, commercial, and residential settings. It is made from epoxy resins, which are known for their durability, resistance to chemicals, and ability to bond well with concrete and other materials.

Advantages of Epoxy Flooring Coating

Advantages of Epoxy Flooring Coating

General Purpose Epoxy Primer

Lit has good permeability and sealing property to concrete, enhanc-es base surface hardness and provides excellent adhesion, and! has good economy

As a universd foor coating for KL epoxy resin series flocr coatings, iis apiled te cencrete orohe tasesurfacas.

Epoxy Intermediate Coating Universal

Epoxyputty or directly use eposy intermedlate coating to improvehe hardness and smoothness of the ground; The caler matches the topcoat, which improves the coveringpower of the top coat.

The floor with low surface color and deep surface color.

Epoxy Finish

It is made of imported resin, hist-quality salvent with very low VOC content, high-quality pigments and filers, solvents, BYK additives, curing agent of American gas company and other raw materials through advanced technology. Epoxy coatings have a series of excellent characteris-tics, such as high mechanical wear resistance and adhesion, excellent chemical resistance, acid, alkal, salt liquid and petroleum products, fast curing speed and excellent aesthetic decoration.

Introduce of Epoxy Flooring Paint

Introduce of Epoxy Flooring Paint

Our products cover over ten series and over fifty varieties of organic and inorganic materials. Representative inorganic products include emery wear-resistant aggregates, special cement-based self-leveling materials, high-strength repair mortar materials, and inorganic grinding stone supporting materials. Organic materials have a series of products including solvent-free and water-based epoxy resin floor coatings, polyurethane floor coatings, ultra wear-resistant polyurethane surface materials, solvent-free colored sand self-leveling materials, and elastic acrylic floor materials.

After years of deep market cultivation, we have achieved remarkable results in the field of flooring. We are a recommended brand for China's top 100 real estate projects, a designated brand for national key engineering projects, and a leading brand for China's polymer industrial flooring. In 2020, we were rated as one of the top ten excellent flooring brand merchants in various provinces and cities across the country, and we have participated in the drafting of multiple flooring industry and national standards and atlases. In the industrial field, it has successively served customers such as CRRC, BYD, Lens Technology, Sany Heavy Industry, Aihua Electronics, Yueyang Paper Mill, Zhongchuang Sky, Yaguang Technology, Loudi Lianyuan Steel, Yinxin Power, Shuiyang Manufacturing, Hangzhou Gaochi, Qianyi Food, Jinda Furniture, Foshan Prison, Genji Food, Weilong Food, etc; In the field of real estate, it is an excellent supplier of Country Garden, R&F Properties, Fuxing Real Estate, Evergrande Real Estate, Zhongchi Group, Rongsheng Real Estate, Jinmao Real Estate, Poly Real Estate, Binjiang Real Estate, Wanda Group Minmetals Real Estate, and Jiazhaoye. In addition, Clover's whole system flooring products are also widely used in hospitals, schools, shopping malls and other fields.

In order to provide customers with a good user experience and create high-end product quality, the company has mastered the core production technology of floor paint, always produces according to German standards, adheres to the spirit of craftsmanship, and aims to bring high-quality and affordable floor products to customers.

Introduce of Epoxy Flooring Paint

How to Apply Epoxy Concrete Floor Paint?

Ensure that the temperature is at least 50℉ or higher. It's advisable to select a time when the weather is dry, and there is no rain forecasted for optimal results.

Do not dilute the product by thinning it. Avoid applying the epoxy to surfaces that are excessively hot. Ensure proper ventilation to facilitate the normal drying process.

Allow a minimum of four hours to elapse before moving on to the second coat. In areas with high humidity or cooler conditions, drying times might be extended.

Apply the second coat of epoxy in a perpendicular direction to the first coat. 

How to Apply Epoxy Concrete Floor Paint?
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