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Other Decorative Panel

Kunhong wall panel includes:

SPC stone crystal decorative wall panels, solid wood solid decorative wall panels, decorative grille panels, and calcium carbonate panels.

Aluminum veneer, aluminum honeycomb panel, aluminum ceiling, aluminum gusset plate and other aluminum decorative sheet series.

Wide variety, low price, and flexible customization. Please consult sales personnel for detailed styles and specifications.

The Advantages of Kunhong's New Decorative Wall Panel

The Advantages of Kunhong's New Decorative Wall Panel

1. Top Wall Integration.

2. Quick decoration, quick check-in, puzzle style quick installation, simplified decoration steps, environmentally friendly materials, and ready to move in after installation.

3. There are multiple series, complete styles, multiple series, versatile shapes, diverse styles, and more choices.

4. Labor saving, shorter construction period, and fast and convenient installation.

5. Reduce labor costs while shortening the decoration cycle.

6. Good quality, good effect, new material, excellent quality, durable, integrated design and construction, outstanding effect.

Common Installation Methods for Honeycomb Aluminum Panels

Common Installation Methods for Honeycomb Aluminum Panels

  • Lug type installation

The lifting ear installation method refers to the separation of the lifting ear and honeycomb aluminum plate. After the lifting ear is processed separately, it is connected to the adhesive seam position of the honeycomb aluminum plate. The suitable width of the adhesive seam is ≥ 12mm. This installation method is simple to process and convenient to install.

  • Flanging installation

This installation method involves processing honeycomb aluminum panels with installation flanges. The installation only needs to be connected to the keel and adhesive joint according to the position, and the suitable adhesive joint width is ≥ 10mm. This method is convenient for installation, but the processing is slightly complex and not suitable for modeling curtain wall aluminum panels.

  • Hook up lifting installation

Hook up lifting is mainly used for ceiling installation without edge height difference or special shape, and the overall stability of the ceiling after installation. This method is not recommended for honeycomb aluminum panels with larger spokes and thinner panels.

  • Z-shaped pendant lifting and installation

The Z-shaped pendant lifting is widely used, easy to process, easy to install, and can be repaired by personnel after lifting, making it suitable for any type of ceiling installation.

  • U-shaped pendant type

Use a method of hanging directly from below to the keel and then fixing it to the keel within human reach. This lifting method solves the problem of a common Z-shaped pendant with a wider spoke and a lower keel that cannot be installed by humans.

Common Installation Methods for Honeycomb Aluminum Panels

Advantages of Aluminum Veneer Products

1. Lightweight, aluminum veneer for curtain walls is composed of aluminum and plastic core materials with relatively low density, making it lighter in weight.

2. Excellent fire performance can reach the b1 level standard and meet the basic fire protection requirements of the construction industry.

3. Long service life, the aluminum veneer of the curtain wall adopts metal and core material thermal composite technology, fluorocarbon coating, polyester coating, and acrylic coating. Tests have shown that it can be used for more than 20 years in harsh outdoor environments.

4. Aluminum veneers use the mechanical principle of I-shaped steel construction, with a large elastic limit, less deformation, and can maintain flatness for a long time.

5. Easy to process. Aluminum veneers are easy to partition, punch, groove, and bend during processing.

6. Rich in color and strong decoration, the layer surface of aluminum veneer for curtain walls can achieve a variety of colors and patterns, which can be suitable for different construction styles and environments, giving people a perfect visual effect.

Advantages of Aluminum Veneer Products
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