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Quickly Installed Heavy-Duty Industrial Flooring

The fast loading and heavy-duty industrial floor is made of alloy plastic with physical and chemical properties superior to PVC, which is strictly mixed and produced by various polymer materials in a certain proportion. Its material density, compressive resistance, heavy load resistance, stain resistance, and chemical resistance are all superior to PVC products made of ordinary materials.

Main component: alloy plastic

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Specifications of Quick Install Heavy Duty Flooring:





thickness : 6.5mm × width : 501mm ×length : 501mm

Weight: 2100g, service life of 15 years

The supplied products have obtained EU CE certification and EU ROHS certification.

Characteristics of Quick Install Heavy Duty Flooring

1. Super strong impact resistance represents impact resistance. When heavy objects fall vertically onto the ground, the floor can achieve no severe damage and effectively protect the original base floor. This function is particularly important for factory floor materials used for heavy metal processing.

2. The anti heavy load fast loading heavy load floor has super strong heavy load passing ability, and can pass trucks or hard rubber powered forklifts with a load capacity of tens of tons.

3. Scratch-resistant fast loading heavy-duty flooring has excellent scratch resistance, and there is no significant severe damage to the floor surface layer under heavy friction of metal objects

4. Fast installation, fast installation, and heavy-duty flooring are installed using a sheet metal buckle structure, which can be installed by any ordinary adult at any time without the need for installation technical training and can be quickly installed in large quantities

5. The installation of quick installation heavy-duty flooring without glue does not need to be combined with the original base layer, that is, it does not need to be glued together. It can be directly installed on cement or epoxy floors with sand, shell, burning, cracking, no strength, and heavy humidity. This function is particularly suitable for industrial factory floors that cannot stop production for ground improvement due to busy production, and can be directly installed and put into use.

6. Maintenance and repair are extremely simple without special maintenance requirements, using ordinary cleaning methods to take care of, and the floor can also be replaced on its own after damage without the need for professional personnel to operate.

7. Repeated disassembly and reuse is extremely suitable for industrial sites that rent premises. After the site expires, the installed flooring can be disassembled and reused in a new site to avoid duplicate investment and resource waste.

8. High environmentally-friendly products, fast loading and heavy-duty flooring, are made of special environmentally-friendly alloy plastic that has been produced and formed at high temperatures, ensuring stable physical properties and molecular structure at room temperature. No harmful gas volatilization, laying a solid foundation for creating a green production and working environment.

★ Super strong impact resistance

★ Anti heavy load

★ Scratch resistance

★ Fast installation

★ Maintenance and repair are extremely simple

★ Adhesive free installation

★ Can be disassembled and reused repeatedly

★ Environmentally friendly products

Scope of Application

★ Heavy Industry Factory Production Workshop

★ Factory channel

★ Automobile parts factory

★ Mechanical factory

★ Metal processing workshop

★ Logistics and warehousing center

★ Private garage floor, etc

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