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Epoxy Double Fiber Polymer Industrial Floor

Material: Thermosetting material, cured and formed using high-temperature, constant pressure, and spraying technology, with high cross-linking density and long service life.

Structure: Double fiber structure, reinforced with glass fiber and polyester fiber, enhances mechanical properties such as tensile strength and compressive strength, with strong stability, integrity, tolerance, and superior overall performance. This product has smaller thermal expansion and shrinkage rates, as well as better flatness, tensile strength, and elongation.

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Specifications of Epoxy Double Fiber Polymer Industrial Floor:

CF8901, 8903, 8904,8905, 8921,8116thickness(1.6-4.0mm)× width(2m-3m) ×length(10m、20m、30m)Colors can be customized according to the Lauer color card, with optional sizes

The supplied products have obtained EU CE certification and EU ROHS certification.

Characteristics of Epoxy Double Fiber Polymer Industrial Floor

1. Physical and chemical properties: Maximize the beneficial physical and chemical properties of polymer materials, including wear resistance, compression resistance, dust and water resistance, shock absorption and noise reduction, anti-corrosion and antibacterial, oil resistance, fire resistance and flame retardancy, etc.

2. Green and environmentally friendly: The formula does not add organic volatile substances, does not release harmful and toxic substances during use, is free of formaldehyde, does not contain heavy metal substances, and the VOC content is lower than international requirements. The construction process is dust-free and free of organic volatiles.

3. Can produce multiple colors and combinations: Three colors can be produced simultaneously on the same roll of floor, solving the problem of factory workshop channel warning lines requiring later painting or yellow floor splicing.

4. Customization: Using finished paving, the product can produce a maximum width of 3m, and the length and thickness can be customized. Large width products can effectively reduce ground seams and reduce the probability of seam cracking.

5. Beautiful and clean: The color can be customized according to the Raoul color card, and the color remains constant after paving, making it beautiful and tidy.

6. Finished product paving: The construction speed is faster, the paving cycle is shorter, and it can be directly paved on the old ground. It is the first choice for the renovation of the epoxy floor in the old workshop, and can quickly complete the floor renovation without stopping work and production, reducing the impact of construction on workshop operations.

Advantages of Epoxy Double Fiber Industrial Flooring

1. Fast installation, ready to install and use. It is an excellent solution and product for the rectification of old workshop floors without stopping production.

2. It can effectively prevent ground cracking and peeling. This product has excellent fracture and tensile properties, which can effectively prevent the surface layer from peeling, bulging, and raising dust caused by the cracking of the workshop base floor, ensuring that the base layer cracks but the surface layer does not crack.

3. Normal use at a low temperature of -30 ℃, without cracking, embrittlement, wear resistance, and heavy load resistance; Equipped with excellent forklift and AGV trolley accessibility. It has good elastic recovery ability under the impact of heavy objects, strong impact resistance, high density structure production, resistance to heavy loads, and can withstand the back and forth rolling of forklifts.

4. Fire retardant and flame retardant. This product is a highly flame retardant product, with flame retardant performance indicators reaching B1 level; According to SGS testing, it has reached the EU flooring material standard Bf1-S1 flame retardant level.

5. Zero formaldehyde, toluene, xylene volatile polymer materials This product is produced using environmentally friendly and renewable polymer materials, non-toxic, odorless, non parasitic bacteria, recyclable, and environmentally friendly.

6. Anti static. Polymer conductive static formula, this product has excellent anti-static, explosion-proof and non igniting performance, especially suitable for various electronic, new energy, semiconductor, military product production workshops and precision instrument laboratory floors.

7. Highly oil and dirt resistant. The surface of polymer industrial flooring adopts special anti fouling technology, which can effectively prevent permeable pollutants such as oil stains, iodine tincture, oily pens, etc.

8. Heavy anti-corrosion, strong acid and alkali resistance. After inspection by authoritative institutions, polymer industrial flooring has strong acid and alkali corrosion resistance and can withstand harsh environmental tests. It is very suitable for use in various production workshops, clean workshops, dust-free workshops, hospitals, laboratories, research institutes, and other places. Polymer industrial flooring has strong resistance to acid and alkali corrosion, and can withstand the test of corrosive environments. At the same time, polymer industrial flooring has a sound absorption effect that ordinary flooring materials cannot match. Sound absorption and noise prevention: The sound absorption can reach 12-20 decibels.

9. Ultra strong wear resistance and slip resistance. The wear-resistant layer produced using the latest developed formula has a high density molecular structure, which is 4 times the wear resistance of ordinary PVC flooring (with a wear resistance test result of up to 21500 revolutions). Outstanding scratch resistance, patented grain design on the surface, and excellent anti slip performance.

10. Fast installation and construction: Forklifts can travel within 24 hours. Can be refurbished and repaired without the need for shutdown or production. Using finished paving, the construction is simple and fast, and installation and maintenance can be carried out without affecting the normal production of the enterprise. In the future, the floor can be polished and refurbished.

Parameters of Epoxy Double Fiber Industrial Floor

Technical Data



Test Results

Total thickness




Total Weight




Roll width




Roll Length




fire-proof Performance

EN 13501-1:2007+A1:2009 Section 9 8
EN ISO 9239-1:2010 &
EN ISO 11925-2:2010 ,Cor.1:2011







Anti-chemical performance

EN SISO 26987:2012


Eimension Stability




Abrasion resistance.rpm

GB/T 17657-2013

≥21500 change

Antistatic Performance

G.IB 3007A-2009
GJ/T 10694-2006


Anti-iodine Performance




Limit of harmful substances

GB 18586-2001


Non-skid propertb



Resistance to water



Repression remains




GB/T 2411-2008



GB/T 22374-2018

Section 6.3.10


No visible cracks or peeling

Scrub resistance test

GB/T 9266-2009


Tensile test

GB/T 22374-2018

GB/T 9779-2015

Section 6.20 8

GB/T 528-2009

tensile strength


elongation at break


Scope of Application

★ Manufacturing factory

★ Light industrial factories and workshops

★ New energy factory

★ Medical, equipment, food, and chemical plants

★ Dust free workshop and clean workshop workshop

★ Cars, airports, hangars

★ Laboratories, operating rooms, commercial centers, and office spaces

★ Logistics and warehousing center

★ and other industrial floor usage locations

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