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Wall Panels:

It is formed by a decorative layer of PVC, PETG, cloth surface, wood veneer (customizable), and solid core substrate under high temperature and pressure, forming a stable material structure inside. The surface is decorated with a layer and special embossing process, which can display rich and realistic colors and textures. It is anti fouling, wear-resistant, scratch resistant, acid and alkali resistant, anti-corrosion, flame retardant, vapor resistant, and aging resistant.

Grille Plate:

A parallel and grid barrier made of different forms of materials such as wood strips and metal strips. Grille is often used in buildings for the protection of railings and doors and windows. With the weakening of protective functions, grille has gradually become a component of facade decoration, shading, privacy protection, and line of sight shielding in its unique form. As a commonly used design element, hazy and elegant yet not dull, its unique and vivid form of expression is widely used in home decoration, workwear, indoor, outdoor, walls, and suspended ceilings. The grid, combined with light and shadow, gives the space a dynamic artistic conception and a natural and gentle atmosphere, which can create a good visual experience.

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decorative wood panels for interior walls
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decorative wood panels for interior walls
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The product has obtained ISO9001-2008 international quality system certification, ISO14001-2004 environmental system certification, and certification from the International Forest Management Organization FSC; EU CE certification, FSC certification, EPA certification, CARB certification, FloorScore certification.

The Advantages of Kunhong Wall Decoration Board

1. Insulation

It has good insulation and insulation effects, suitable for use in both hot and cold conditions, and is the best material for wall decoration.

2. Sound insulation

After testing, the sound insulation reaches 69 decibels, which is better than the sound insulation of solid walls. If used in the bathroom, it significantly solves the underwater sound of the sewer pipe, and can also be applied to various sound insulation rooms in factories.

3. Fire prevention

After testing, the fire protection level has reached B1, fully meeting the fire protection requirements for engineering decoration.

4. Super hardness

The product has an impact resistance of 300kg and a hardness of 59AHD, which can be applied to various types of walls with hardness requirements.

5. Waterproof and moisture-proof

The waterproof grade of the product reaches 3A, especially suitable for decoration in humid environments, effectively solving wall decoration problems caused by moisture, leakage, and mold.

6. Green and environmentally friendly

The surface is made of environmentally friendly PP film using imported German technology, which is environmentally friendly and energy-saving, and has no harmful gas release. The environmental protection level reaches EO level, greatly shortening the occupancy time.

7. Convenient installation

Adopting the traditional installation method of gusset plates, the construction procedure is simple and easy to operate. It can be directly installed on red brick walls or rough walls, saving labor, time, and space.

9. Easy to scrub without deformation

The surface of the integrated wall panel has strong friction resistance and can be directly wiped with a cloth, completely solving the problem of difficult cleaning of decoration products. The surface adopts polymer composite technology, which is not deformed, aging, stain resistant, and clean.

Scope of Application

★ Home decoration

★ Decorative walls for hotels, museums, libraries, art centers, etc

★ Decoration of public places

★ Wall decoration of stations, subways, airports, etc

★ Office and commercial center decoration

★ Wall decoration of medical institutions, banks, schools, and governments

★ and various other wall decoration

This product can be customized with specifications, cases and effects, product testing reports, qualifications, certifications, etc. Please consult sales.

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