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Kunhong R & D

Kunhong R & D

At the end of 2011, the COLOFO R&D center was established, continuously updating product iterations and launching new products, promoting industry progress and development, and promoting the joint development of agents and distributors.

Kunhong Technical Support

Kunhong Technical Support

Continuously providing comprehensive follow-up services to our customers, maintaining good communication at all times, promptly resolving customer feedback issues, accepting customer opinions and suggestions, providing customers with a better experience and service, and jointly creating higher value.

After-sale Service

Focusing on Quality, Kunhong Commits to Outstanding After-Sales Service!

By choosing Kunhong , you not only obtain top-tier product quality but also gain the assurance of our wholehearted dedication to after-sales service. We firmly believe that exceptional after-sales service is a crucial part of the customer experience, and thus, we spare no effort to provide you an unparalleled service experience.

Rapid Response: Your needs are our guiding direction. Whenever and wherever you contact us, we will promptly respond to ensure your questions receive timely answers.

Professional Team: Our after-sales service team consists of experienced professionals who have an in-depth understanding of our products. They will provide you with efficient and professional solutions tailored to your needs.

Issue Resolution: Should you encounter any problems while using our products, we will go all out to troubleshoot and address the issues, ensuring you have no worries.

Quality Assurance Pledge: We have full confidence in the quality of our products. During the warranty period, if any quality issues arise, we will provide free repair or replacement, ensuring you have worry-free purchasing protection.

Regular Care: We understand that your needs are diverse. Hence, we will keep in touch with you regularly, caring about your usage experience and requirements, and providing personalized after-sales support.

Continuous Improvement: Your feedback is of utmost importance to us. We always listen to customer suggestions and feedback to continuously improve our products and services, meeting your growing needs.

Kunhong elastic flooring is not just your preferred product, but also your dependable after-sales service partner. Here, we firmly believe that after-sales service is not just a responsibility but our commitment. Choose Kunhong, and your satisfaction becomes our greatest motivation!

Research & Development of Kunhong Epoxy Flooring

Innovative Formulations

Innovative Formulations: Kunhong Epoxy Flooring invests in advanced research to develop innovative epoxy formulations for superior performance and durability.

Sustainable Solutions

Sustainable Solutions: Our R&D team is dedicated to creating eco-friendly epoxy flooring options that meet environmental standards without compromising on quality.

Performance Testing

Performance Testing: Rigorous testing ensures that Kunhong Epoxy Flooring products meet industry standards and deliver exceptional performance in various applications.

Customized Solutions

Customized Solutions: Through continuous research, we offer tailored epoxy flooring solutions to meet specific client requirements and project needs.

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Research & Development of Kunhong Epoxy Flooring