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Indoor/Outdoor Sports Laminate Floor

Indoor/Outdoor sports laminate flooring is a popular choice for sports facilities due to its durability, versatility, and ease of maintenance. It is designed to withstand heavy use and harsh weather conditions, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor sports facilities.

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Specifications Of Indoor/Outdoor Sports Laminate Floor




Gem pattern/lychee pattern

thickness(4.5mm)× width(1.8m) ×length(20m)

Please consult sales for size and color customization

Wood grain

Water Cube

Crystal sand pattern

Grid pattern

Gemstone pattern

thickness(5/8mm)× width(1.8m) ×length(15m)

Crystal sand pattern

thickness(4.5mm)× width(1.8m) ×length(20m)

Foam bottom

thickness(5mm)× width(2m) ×length(20m)

Whole body

thickness(3/4/5mm)× width(1.5m) ×length(15m)



Roll Length(m)2020152020
Roll Width (m)1.81.5/1.81.421.5/1.81.5
Wear Layer Thickness(mm)1.0/1.21.0/1.21.0/1.21.0/1.21.0/1.2
Rebound values(%)98888
Shock absorption(%)DIN18032≥28≥28≥28≥28>28
Friction corefficientDIN180320.450.45-0.650.45-0.650.45-0.650.45-0.6
Ball bounce(%)DIN18032≥97≥97≥97≥9797
Indentation resistance(mm)EIN1516≤0.6≤0.6≤O6≤0.6<0.6
Abrasion Resistance(mg)EINISO5470≤300<300<300≤300≤300
Impact resistance(N/M)DIN18032≥8≥8≥8≥8≥8
Sound Insulation(DB)EIN1SO7171919191919
Surface trealmentResistance to stainingUV treatmenteasy to maintain and care
Voltatile content(g/m)≤355.
Vinyl chioride monomer(mg/kg)≤50.430.430.430.430.43

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