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The safety principle of Kunhong's all-weather multifunctional anti slip floor is to increase the height of the physical anti slip layer on the ground, so even if oil is poured onto the colofo floor anti slip floor, people will not slide on it. According to German DIN 51130 "Anti slip Standard for Oil Wet Floors", the anti slip level of public areas and floors such as school canteens and restaurants must reach R10.

German Standard for Wet and Anti slip Testing of Slopes "DIN 51130:2014":

R9>6°-10 °, the general public spaces of entrances, stairs, corridors, shops, restaurants, wards, and pharmacies in public places are overcrowded, resulting in a high risk of slipping.

R10>10°-19 °, such as school kitchens, regular bathrooms, food warehouses, and parking lots, carries a risk of slipping for ordinary people.

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Specifications of Non-slip Flooring:





thickness(3.7mm)× width(2m-3m) ×length(15m)

Other products: German silicified series anti-skid flooring, please consult

The supplied products have obtained EU CE certification and EU ROHS certification.

Recommended Reasons For All-Weather Multifunctional Anti Slip Flooring

1. Large kitchen, cafeteria, restaurant floor, and activity area under the ice rink

Special application features: Up to 1mm concave convex double layer anti slip patented design, preventing the ground from slipping under heavy oil pollution conditions, and preventing the impact of falling

The human body provides sufficient cushioning to prevent severe injuries such as fractures caused by falls.

2. Open public areas: Skyway, functional transformation of open roof, balcony

Special features: easy installation (glue free installation), beautiful and atmospheric, high comfort, anti-aging, anti exposure, green and environmentally friendly, 360 degree

Dual anti slip patented design.

3. Public areas of high-end kindergartens, nursing homes, and sanatoriums (corridors, lobbies, outdoor activity squares)

Special application features: 1. Super strong anti slip and anti drop performance (360 degree dual anti slip patented design, 3.7mm solid high elastic nano material structure),

It can prevent physical damage to the human body caused by the ground when falling. 2. Green and environmentally friendly, non-toxic, odorless, and anti mold and antibacterial, providing safety for the elderly and children A fully comfortable living environment. 3. Super wear-resistant, ensuring an ultra long service life of over 15 years. 4. High resilience ensures the height of the ground Degree of comfort can alleviate the fatigue caused by walking on the human body. 5. Non foaming floor materials that can support heavy object pressure without affecting

Wheelchairs and carts are used for transportation without any indentation.

4. Wading areas: around the swimming pool, on the bathhouse floor, in the shower room, in the changing room

Special application features: The patented double layer round ball anti slip surface design enhances the friction between the ground and the soles of the feet, preventing the ground from slipping due to water accumulation. Waterproof and waterproof

Mildew, antibacterial, odorless, anti fall, providing a high elasticity and comfortable ground feel.

5. Outdoor leisure and fitness sports venues:

high-end community outdoor children's playground, high-end community outdoor fitness and leisure area Outdoor badminton court, etc

Specially applicable features: anti-aging, anti exposure, anti-corrosion, green and environmental protection, 360 degree dual anti-skid patent design, high elasticity to protect human body Protected from physical damage, easy to install and maintenance free.

6. Large museums, libraries, exhibition halls

Special application features: 3.7mm solid high elastic nanomaterials have super strong silence performance, which can create a highly quiet walking environment; High resilience

It ensures high comfort on the ground and can significantly reduce fatigue caused by walking. Ultra wear resistance ensures an ultra-long service life of the ground, avoiding Frequent maintenance and replacement on the ground.

7. Large power plant building ground

Special application features: good insulation performance, anti slip, waterproof, wear-resistant, antibacterial, and easy to maintain.

8. Laboratory floor

Special application features: acid and alkali resistance, waterproof, wear-resistant, silent, and comfortable.

Patent Anti slip Design Description

1. Anti slip appearance patent design (national patent certificate issued).

2. The total thickness is up to 3.7mm.

3. Produced using new solid polymer materials, without fillers and recycled ingredients.

4. Non foaming products.

5. Double arc transition, eliminating dirt and dead corners.

6. The large spacing design ensures easy cleaning of the floor and prevents dirt and dirt from accumulating.

7. 360 degree double dot double anti slip.

8. Special pattern treatment on the bottom and back enhances the friction and adsorption between the floor and the ground.

9. High stability, can be installed without glue, and installation is fast and convenient.

10. Indoor and outdoor general use, special anti-aging ingredients and formula ensure the service life of anti-skid floor in outdoor use.

11. Produced according to German anti slip standards and tested to R10 anti slip level according to German oil wet floor anti slip standard DIN51130.

12. High elastic materials reduce and alleviate serious physical injuries such as fractures caused by accidental falls.

Scope of Application:

★ Hotel, catering, entertainment, leisure: walkways, stairs, kitchen, swimming pool, etc.

★ School: foyer, walkway, staircase, restaurant, restroom, swimming pool, bathroom, etc.

★ Hospital: Lobby, walkway, staircase, restaurant, restroom, bathroom.

★ Municipal: Platforms, halls, roads, overpasses, tunnels, stairs, etc.

★ Government agencies: walkways, stairs, workshops, restaurants, bathrooms, bathrooms, etc.

★ Shopping Center: Lobby, walkway, staircase, bathroom.

★ Residential: foyer, walkway, staircase, kitchen, bathroom.

★ Factory: Office area, restaurant, bathroom, stairs.

★ Sports Center: Lobby, walkway, staircase, restaurant, restroom, shower, walkway around swimming pool, changing room, etc.

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